62 grade 8 writing prompts

Eigth year is a huge year for our students! They are stressed and under pressure as they head for high levels school. We can reduce this stress by in writing as long as the prompts are meaningful and engaging to our students. We have compiled a list of 32 attractive prompts to get your students in writing and think critically about the message they want to convey.

1. What new technology has developed in your lifetime and how has it helped you?

2. Write a news article describing the dangers of global warming.

8th GWP - 2

3. Describe your favorite place to someone who has never been there. What can they do and see?

8th GWP - 3

4. Think about your hobby and write an article explaining its benefits to someone who doesn’t know it.

8th GWP - 4

5. Describe one of your unique family traditions to someone outside of your family.

8th GWP - 5

6. Write a story telling elementary school kids how to prepare for college.

8th GWP - 6

7. Do you think it’s easier to be a boy or a girl? Why?

8th GWP - 7

8. Does online harassment exist? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 8

9. What is the most important information you can give to an adult?

8th GWP - 9

10. Do you think freedom of expression should have no consequences?

8th GWP - 10

11. Do you think that wearing a school uniform benefits all students? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 11

12. Sometimes people say boys shouldn’t cry. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

8th GWP - 12

13. If you had to create a YouTube channel, what would it be about and why?

8th GWP - 13

14. Do you think 8th graders are young or old? Why?

8th GWP - 14

15. What are you allergic to and how do you deal with it on a daily basis?

8th GWP - 15

16. What do you do when you are sick?

8th GWP - 16

17. Why are writing skills important?

8th GWP - 17

18. Do you prefer watching television or reading books? Why is it better?

8th GWP - 18

19. Describe a food that someone has never eaten. How will it taste, smell and feel?

8th GWP - 19

20. Write a letter to a friend who has just lost a family member.

8th GWP - 20

21. Write a letter to your grandmother teaching her how to use an iPhone.

8th GWP - 21

22. Write a letter to your principal to convince him to let you start a school club.

8th GWP - 22

23. Describe your daily routine to someone who lives in Japan.

8th GWP - 23

24. What does “the apple does not fall far from the tree” mean and where does it come from?

8th GWP - 24

25. Think of all the plastic waste in the ocean. Write an essay solution to this problem.

8th GWP - 25

26. Why is it important to conserve the rainforest?

8th GWP - 26

27. Should people be allowed to travel anywhere in the world without a passport? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 27

28. What is haggis, and would you eat it? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 28

29. Do all states have the same laws? Why or why not?

8th GWP - 29

30. Imagine you are a soldier of the American Revolution. What would you do when you heard “The Brits are coming?”

8th GWP - 30

31. Write a letter to the founding fathers suggesting reasonable changes to the constitution.

8th GWP - 31

32. Write a response to this Frida Kahlo quote “I paint neither dreams nor nightmares, I paint my own reality”. What does she mean by that, and how can you do that?

8th GWP - 32

33. We are becoming too dependent on technology. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

8th GWP 33

34. Should children be allowed to vote in political elections, such as presidential elections? Why or why not?

8th GWP 34

35. Write a daily journal entry from the perspective of yourself 5 years from now.

8th GWP 35

36. Should the richest people in the world be forced to give up some of their money to help the less fortunate?

8th GWP 36

37. Are boys and girls treated the same?

8th GWP 37

38. Write a fictional story that takes place in your hometown.

8th GWP 38

39. The school board should prohibit junk food on school grounds/property. Why or why not?

8th GWP 39

40. Write a fictional story using the following introduction: “There on the hill was a figure. The figure stood tall and erect as if waiting for someone or something.”

8th GWP 40

41. Describe the day of your proudest moment.

8th GWP 41

42. Think about how you could improve your school for yourself and your classmates. Write a letter to your school board with your ideas.

8th GWP 42

43. Examinations and tests should be prohibited in schools. Why or why not?

8th GWP 43

44. Do eighth graders have the toughest times in school compared to all other grades? Why or why not?

8th GWP 44

45. What are 5 easy things we can do in our daily life to take care of our planet?

8th GWP 45

46. ​​Cell phones should be locked up at the start of the school day and returned only at the end. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

8th GWP 46

47. Describe your dream family vacation. Where would you go? Who would you go with? What would you do?

8th GWP 47

48. Write a letter to your favorite teacher at your school telling him why he is your favorite and what you appreciate about him.

8th GWP 48

49. Who is an admirable person or famous person that you find inspiring? Write about who they are and why they inspire you.

8th GWP 49

50. Write contrasting character descriptions for two fictional characters. Don’t forget to include physical appearance, personality, likes, dislikes, and anything else you deem relevant.

8th GWP 50

51. Write to your US Representative or Mayor about bullying in schools and what you think you can do to fix it.

8th GWP 51

52. Should there be a wealth limit or maximum amount of money a person can have? Why or why not?

8th GWP 52

53. Write a letter to the seventh graders at your school offering advice, telling them what they need to know and what they need to do to succeed in eighth grade next year.

8th GWP 53

54. You are the author of the advice column in the local newspaper. Answer this question a reader sent: “My daughter keeps ignoring the chores she has to do after school and wants to play her Xbox instead. How can I get my daughter to do her chores I don’t want to take her Xbox but if she doesn’t start doing her chores I will need it!”

8th GWP 54

55. Write an account of your first memory.

8th GWP 55

56. If you were Principal for the day, what would you do?

8th GWP 56

57. If you could live in any other country in the world, where would you live and why?

8th GWP 57

58. An advanced artificial intelligence robot has landed on Earth and threatened to destroy our planet. You have to write to him and convince him not to.

8th GWP 58

59. If you were to start a sports team with your classmates, what sport would you play, who would play what position and why?

8th GWP 59

60. You are stuck on a desert island. What five items do you bring with you and why?

8th GWP 60

61. Write a character profile on one of your favorite TV characters.

8th GWP 61

62. Write yourself a letter to open on the first day of school next year.

8th GWP 62

Scott R. Banks