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By Jérôme-Mario Chijioke Utomi

Knowing their thoughts, Jesus said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself is devastated, and no city or house divided against itself shall stand. Mark 3:24 and Matthew 12:25.

If there is one factor/actor that has maintained the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the dominant party in Delta State over the more than two decades of democratic experience in the country, it is the existence of a solid, indivisible and united political group. family.

Again, if there is one reason that is currently working in favor of the party in the state as the nation prepares for the 2023 general elections, it is the outstanding performance of the incumbent governor of the state, Ifeanyi Okowa.

Many believe that the administration’s performance, particularly in the areas of infrastructure development and the promotion of technical education in the state, has eclipsed that of its predecessors. These efforts on the part of the Governor contributed significantly to why Delta State was ranked the best state in human capital development in the 2017 Peer Review of States by the National Council of Nigeria’s competitiveness, as well as in 2020.

It is also responsible for why Delta as a state was ranked the second least poor state, after Lagos, the business hub of Nigeria, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

Despite the validity of the above assertion, there are troubling developments within the party and painful signs that there are currently visible fissures, a ravine of division and deep animosity between members now at different actions. All are obviously not well with the party in the present circumstances.

Apart from the recently organized mega rally in Ozoro, Isoko North local government area of ​​the state to receive decamps from opposition political parties, which was boycotted by prominent party leaders such as former Governors James Ibori, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, Senator James Manager, Rep. Delta South, Barr Kingsley Otuaro, Deputy Governor, Chief David Edevbie, Gubernatorial Aspirant and others, coupled with the fact that there is no had an official unveiling of the Delta PDP gubernatorial candidate as was the tradition, so many other events in the recent past support this claim. A random sampling of events in recent months shows that all may not be well for the party under the current circumstances.

Without going into specifics, some believe that the full gamut of “responsiveness” within the party stems from the PDP gubernatorial primary held on May 25 that the current Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Sheriff Oborevwori, had won, but his closest rival and former State Finance Commissioner, David Edevbie petitioned the Abuja High Court to disqualify Oborevwori due to discrepancies in the certificates he presented and the same prayer has been answered, others are of the view that the current waves of division within the party stemmed from blind exclusion, the injustice of political deprivation that has recently characterized the party in the state.

While those of us who believe in party unity may disagree with the drive or campaign of any ethnic group or nationality to dismember the party in the state, a random sampling of the he opinion of these groups and their supporters indicates that they have a model and an unshakeable faith in their cause and are even ready to give their lives to actualize it. They believe that in the near future it will come true.

The current administration, in my view, will continue to face difficulties in accelerating the economic and political fortunes of the party in the state until it considers uniting all warring factions within the party in the state.

Notably, doing none of this or continuing on this order will amplify the painful consequence of the strategic mistakes made by the PDP-led federal government in the 2015 general election, a mistake that led President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to lose to the President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

In fact, there are many documented accounts of why the current fears expressed by the author cannot be called unfounded.

First, a few months ago, Delta State-based GbaramatuVoice, a prominent and respected media platform that connects Niger Delta communities and the world in communication, and has to its credit tens of thousands of subscribers, conducted an opinion poll on the upcoming state gubernatorial election. The outcome of this process should be a reality for all party lovers in the state, as it gave victory to the main opposition party in the state, the APC.

Indeed, one can conveniently argue that such an outcome should not be trusted because public opinion does not always provide clear political guidance, and even when it is clearly in favor of a certain course, can be decided otherwise, especially when she realizes how ill-informed, superficial and changeable most opinions really are.

Yet, given the caliber of people who voted in this process, their comments, and the recent endorsement of the gubernatorial candidate from the state’s main opposition party, the outcome of this exercise is unlikely to go with political winds. The Governor’s managers should monitor, analyze and predict the consequences of the current situation if allowed to prosper.

Yes, I add my faith to Governor Okowa, who at the mega rally in Ozoro, among others, said that “people will come to vote for the PDP in all the local government areas of the state, that whatever happening is normal democratic process, that we should be Atikulés, that Atiku chose one of ours as running mate, he did well for the South, especially South-South.

Notwithstanding this creed or comment, I am also of the opinion that as a general rule, the first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge that one exists.

Like any other impartial person in the state, I will continue to call Okowa’s performance in the state historic, but it is urgent to also feel concerned about the recent statement by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) according to which the PDP in Delta State did not yet have a candidate for next year’s gubernatorial election.

The INEC, according to dispatches, released the names of the candidates and running mates of various political parties participating in the state offices, with that of the Delta PDP candidates missing. Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) of INEC in Delta State, Udoh-Tom on Monday told reporters in Asaba that there are currently no details of a PDP candidate.

“We have no details of the PDP candidates for the governorship as they are in court. It is when the case is decided that we will now have the details of one of them.

“You will recall that there was a court judgment which disqualified one of them, and he asked for a stay of execution and also appealed against the judgment. “As a result, we cannot act on the PDP case at this time until the Court of Appeal renders its judgment,” Udoh-Tom said.

By examining these endless negative events in the state that daily deplete the party politically and in numerical strength, this article draws the governor’s attention to a research finding conducted to understand why leaders make bad decisions.

In this report, Sydney Finkelstein, Steven Roth Professor of Management at the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College, United States of America, pointed out; the presence of inappropriate self-interests, distorting attachments, and the presence of misleading memories as factors/red flags that fuel distorted decisions. Wrong decisions start with errors in judgment on the part of individuals.

In accordance with the above facts from these great scholars, I am of the opinion that the time has come for the Governor to seek a real victory through dialogue and not by conquest, a victory that will make further division and aggression unnecessary. . He should find ways to help the party enjoy a lasting peace rooted in justice, justice and fairness!

To belligerent/aggrieved members, it is time also to understand that the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy. . I humbly believe that this is a good time for everyone in the interest of the party to allow reason to prevail over emotion and personal interests.

To avoid a fall, the party must not present itself to this electoral competition in a divided chamber!!!

Utomi Jerome-Mario is the Program Coordinator (Media and Politics), Social and Economic Justice Advocacy (SEJA), Lagos. He can be contacted via [email protected]/08032725374

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