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Writing interesting, competent and quality text is not an easy task. There are many intermediate tasks to solve: finding inspiration, an idea, work tools, sources for spell checking, proofreading and editing. After going through this process, it begins to seem hopeless to many, and they give up on it. That said, the course writing service helps students write essays and academic papers. This makes student life much easier, allowing students to succeed in college with less effort.

Academic writing is a style of presenting scientific papers. It represents the ability to express thoughts in scientific papers in a concise and accessible form. This style distinguishes:

  • the presence of certain requirements for the structure of the text and its design;
  • the use of a scientific or journalistic style of presentation;
  • the ability to argue and paraphrase;
  • the ability to correctly insert links and make a list of references.

Academic writing is characterized by focusing on the problem being described, rather than expressing a personal opinion. Instead of the first person, it is better to use the third person, avoiding the use of colloquial vocabulary, abbreviations, phraseological units. Unlike other styles, it is allowed to repeat the same words here for a better understanding of the material, synonyms are used less often.

The academic style of storytelling is used in higher education institutions to maintain educational and scientific ties between countries. With its help, students, graduates and more experienced scientists write reports, dissertations and develop research activities outside their home countries.

The principles of this style of writing are guided by editors of international scientific journals, so mastering its skills is necessary for every scientist who wants to succeed in the world of science and publish scientific papers abroad.

Researchers from foreign countries have long used academic writing. Moreover, English-speaking scientists also make a major contribution to its development. Knowledge of the academic style is not so widespread in the East, although scientists from various fields – philologists, linguists, sociopsychologists, specialists in information technology – are working to solve the problem.

Writing academic articles is not an easy task. You probably already figured that out. Creating a text involves many steps, including collecting ideas, choosing the right writing tools, and technical aspects such as proofreading and editing. The whole process can quickly become confusing or even start to seem hopeless.

But there is a solution to this problem.

On the Internet, you can find many text writing support services. From simple and accessible apps and websites for daily routine tasks to multifunctional programs used by professional writers.

It turns out that in the 21st century, the process of writing texts can be much easier!

There are many modern and interesting software available for free on the web, designed specifically for people who write texts. Moreover, there are simple ones designed to perform simple tasks and stylus enthusiasts. And there are quite complex multifunctional services and programs used by professional writers in their hard work.

Microsoft Word

The first assistant of a beginning writer is, of course, a text editor. Without it, it is simply impossible to connect the letters to the words. Microsoft Word is a basic program with an extensive set of working tools that can help with spell checking, formatting, and editing. In addition to text, you can work with images, use templates, inserts, links and more.


LibreOffice is a competitor program to Microsoft Office. Their functionality is very similar, but if you have to buy the service first, then LibreOffice is freeware! It can be used for working with documents, basic text editing, creating presentations, viewing spreadsheets and working with them.

Google Docs

It is a super development from Google, which has been loved by millions of users across the globe. The functionality here is more limited than previous editors, but the interface is much more convenient and understandable. In addition, a huge plus is the ability to work over the network.

That is, you don’t need to carry a USB drive with documents. You will be able to work with your files from any device connected to the Internet. Several people can work on the same document at the same time. It is very convenient when editing.

Microsoft Word online

Word Online is a program developed as an alternative network version of your favorite Office. It allows you to fully work with documents: view, make changes, create new documents that open in standard Office. Like Google Docs, it can be used for basic work with texts. A big plus of this service is the ability to work online for free. You can also open file access to multiple users at the same time to make edits and comments together. It is very practical for teamwork: students and teachers, managers and interpreters, etc.


Just a boon for researchers and people who work on complex texts with lots of graphs, tables and footnotes. You don’t have to worry about how to make the text readable and visually appealing. The service will take care of it for you. Plus, it’s free.


A text editor, similar in functionality to the previous one. It can also be used to create complex presentations, insert technically complex charts, tables and data. It is popular with users for its simple interface.


Scrivener is a service focused on long-term text work using additional sources. It can also be a boon for researchers who constantly have to pull information from different sources and want it always at their fingertips. It is a kind of assistant in planning, organizing information and allowing you to think through each stage of work.


An ideal program for writers who create content for authors or editors. The application is maximally focused on recreation. You can customize your favorite music by listening to it while working on a document. The service is designed for inspiration, easy access to information and a positive working atmosphere.


Another software that takes care of the spiritual and emotional state of its user. It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as numerous visual and sound effects that help create the most favorable environment for successful work.

Final project

A service designed specifically for screenwriters. With its help, you can easily arrange what is written so that the text takes on the desired format. The program is also useful because it gives small hints about the possible development of the plot. It can be used as a source of inspiration, as well as a working tool.


A boon for writers and screenwriters. The program can track key scenarios and characters, helping to work on text content.

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