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When you are in business school, your essay topics will sometimes be chosen by your professors. In some ways, this is useful because you receive instructions and a limited set of options to work with. However, don’t expect this to be the norm, as teachers often test their students by only providing them with an assignment without clarifying the topic.

This is when things get a little tricky because freedom of choice doesn’t really work out well for everyone here. Today we are about to briefly discuss a bunch of business essay topics to provide business students with some guidance in the face of vague instructions.

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Style: argumentative

As any experienced business writer will tell you, the argumentative style is very popular. Its popularity comes from the fact that:

  • Topics abound here;
  • It’s easy to format an argumentative-style business essay;
  • Topics generally seek to answer popular and important questions;
  • They can be useful documents for dispelling misconceptions and suggesting whole new ideas.

If your professor wants an essay written in an argumentative style, consider the following topics:

  • Acquisition or merger: which is the most profitable option?
  • Have customer surveys lost their effectiveness due to biased and compromised feedback?
  • Entrepreneurs are not born, but trained
  • Online or Offline Marketing: Is There a Future for the latter?

Concerns: Management and Administration

You will want to take on a leadership position one day or maybe even start your own business at some point. The research and self-study required to properly write an article on business leadership, entrepreneurship, business administration, or other similar topics can be a challenging but rewarding experience for these individuals. Consider some of the most popular topics in the field mentioned below, as their relevance to style is undeniable:

  • There should be a defined set of relevant, fair and transparent parameters for employee evaluations
  • Management should always take steps to keep the two-way communication channel open
  • Annual company goals and individual goals need to be reformatted into multiple smaller goals
  • General company policies should apply to both employees and managers


Ethics: the importance and relevance of business ethics

This one is a particularly difficult subject, because there are several opinions on the subject. Contact EssaysWriting if you’re in a hurry and your article will be assigned to an expert business writer. If you’re looking to find your own topics on the subject, here are some options to consider.

  • Beyond the company: how serious are environmental concerns for a company?
  • Are modern businesses breaking ethical lines under the guise of legal rights?
  • Is employee satisfaction more important than profit margins?

Essay writing is an important tool for business school learning. The whole process of preparing and writing an essay allows students to not only learn, but also supplement these lessons with their own ideas before putting the final constructs on paper (figuratively speaking!).

It teaches business students to analyze, anticipate, understand, strategize and react to various potential market scenarios in the future. In case you feel overwhelmed, there are professional essay writers who can help you out for a small fee.

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