Cover letter for teachers (with examples and writing tips)

Any cover letter must be well written and properly presented; but a cover letter for teachers should really be as perfect as possible. Teaching, of course, can be a challenging but hugely rewarding career, backed by the knowledge that work helps students learn and grow. It can also provide job security, good pay, and other benefits.

If you’re looking for work as a teacher, you have to give your best to land an interview.

Teacher cover letters are useful when applying for a teaching job because they can help you stand out and ensure the recipient looks at the attached resume. Your cover letter should emphasize your experience, education, and accomplishments, so it provides insight into how your skills are a perfect fit for the position. Then your CV fills in all the details.

Even if you have a great resume, a good cover letter can land the interview for you. This cover letter guide for teachers will make that process easier.

If you are comfortably seated, the magic will happen.

Elements of a Teacher Cover Letter

Before you start writing your cover letter, review your resume to help you write your cover letter persuasively, then make sure you have the following:

strong opening

Start by going straight to the point. Present your goal of applying for the teaching position. Provide a summary of why you would be an ideal candidate for the position.

Skills adapted to the position

Tell the reader what skills you have that make you a good teacher. If you know something about the job, try to tie it to skills that would be relevant to the position.

Examples that illustrate your experience

Be sure to demonstrate your experience by briefly noting specific accomplishments. This will show the reader what you have to offer, rather than announcing that you would make a good choice. You can do this by mentioning relevant tasks and achievements. The person who will receive your teacher cover letter will be looking for examples of how your experience applies to the job.

Highlight your achievements

Highlight your career accomplishments or times when you went beyond your usual job. You can also view any rewards or certificates you may have earned.

End of summary

End your teacher’s cover letter by reaffirming how you would be an asset to the school and an excellent candidate. End with a brief closing statement that indicates your eagerness to hear about the position.

Example of a teacher cover letter

The sample teacher cover letter below is formatted in hard copy, to be printed, signed and sent:

Andrea Hawkley
93 Apple Street
Hagerstown, MD 00099
555-555-5555 (h)
[email protected]

February 3, 2022

Mrs. Janet Doe
Hagerstown Elementary School
public street
Hagerstown, MD 00099

Dear Mrs. Doe,

I am writing with interest for the advertised elementary level teaching position at Hagerstown Elementary School. I am a 20XX graduate of XYZ College with extensive experience teaching grades 1-6. I have worked in schools large and small, and my passion for students and teaching makes me an ideal candidate for this role.

I have extensive elementary teaching experience and currently teach fifth grade children in a suburban public school. Prior to that, I taught third graders at a private school and first and second graders at an inner-city charter school. Since your school is in a unique position to educate suburban and inner-city children, I believe my experience teaching both groups will benefit your school.

My additional training and education helped me earn a certificate to teach students with special needs. Working with students with special needs for three years gave me extensive experience that would be an asset to Hagerstown Elementary School. I used this experience to teach an annual class for prospective adoptive parents of children with special needs at the Department of Health and Human Services.

I read that your school is actively involved in engaging students in the community to provide them with hands-on experience. I have implemented community service projects into my classroom curriculum with great success. For example, as a student-teacher, I created a teaching unit for ninth-grade students on plants, and we supported a planting project at school. When we finished, the school grounds were beautiful and the students learned a lot about the life cycle of plants. I am always looking for ways to provide my students with unique and real experiences.

I would love the opportunity to use my range of experiences and skills at your school. My enthusiasm and compassion for all students will bring excitement and opportunity to the class. In addition, my involvement in staff collaboration allows me to be a team player at your school.

As a teacher with over a decade of experience, I believe I would make a positive contribution to your school district. I hope to get an interview with you and look forward to hearing from you soon. You can contact me at (879) 620-5291 or [email protected].



Andrea Hawkley

Tips for perfecting your teacher cover letter

Double check your work. After writing the letter, put it away for a short while, then look at it with fresh eyes. Check for spelling or grammatical errors and make sure the content flows smoothly.

Personalize the letter. Every school is different, which means you don’t have to create a generic cover letter for every place you apply to. Make the letter specific to the school by highlighting something about it. Also provide examples from your experience that meet the needs and goals of each school.

Use actions and examples. If applicable, give examples of how you achieved certain goals or used your skills in teaching. If your class is testing near the top percentile rank in the national averages, you can mention that to show your abilities in a tangible way.

Mention relevant extracurricular activities. If you are involved in outside activities that involve working with children, state this in your teacher’s cover letter. This extra work reflects your dedication to children, your faith in community service and your love of teaching.

Create quality work. Your cover letter is the first thing the recipient will see. Make sure you do your best work. Make your cover letter stand out and grab the reader’s attention, so it shines among other cover letters.

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Have good thoughts while grading this article, teacher!

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