Experian and The National Literacy Trust partner on financial literacy campaign

The National Literacy Trust has partnered with Experian to launch ‘Words that Count’, a national campaign to boost the financial literacy and understanding of six million young people aged between 16 and 24 in the UK.

Webinar: Conducting Culturally Competent Outreach and Enrollment (7/21/15)

Successfully enrolling diverse populations in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) begins with a commitment to understanding how to work with people with varying cultural backgrounds, effectively and with sensitivity. This webinar provides an overview of what “cultural competence” means and how to incorporate cultural competence principles into our outreach and enrollment work. Presenters share strategies for working with diverse communities and highlight effective on-the-ground enrollment practices.

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Women succeeding in business against the odds | Illiteracy | Sexism | Identities of the World

Agustina is the president of a women’s group in a northern village in Peru. The women’s group was started to preserve their culture of weaving and to help the women earn money. Many of the women are illiterate because women in the village were not allowed to go to school. Against the odds, the women’s group started a business that was making money until the COVID 19 pandemic. There challenge now, is learning how to run an online business to support their families.

Learn more at https://identitiesoftheworld.com/

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#ProtectTheBag Live at the National Urban League 2022 Conference

Experian is proud to partner with the National Urban League to bring Protect The Bag Live to its 2022 convention and share information to financially empower the Black community. Here are highlights of our conversation on financial inclusion, entrepreneurship and building generational wealth.

To learn more about Experian’s mission of financial inclusion for all, check out: https://www.experian.com/diversity/

#experian #NUL2022 #financialinclusion and #UnitedForFinancialHealth

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Building a Data Literate Workforce w/ @PaulMalyonData @Analytics_Time (Episode 70) #DataTalk

In our latest #DataTalk, we’re talking with Paul Malyon and Jordan Morrow about the Data Literacy Project, a global community launched by industry leaders which aims to ignite discussion and develop the tools needed to shape a successful, data literate society.

DataTalk is a weekly live video show and podcast featuring data science leaders at top organizations — including MIT, Caltech, United Nations, Gartner, Amazon, Dow Jones, etc. DataTalk is hosted by Mike Delgado, Director of Social Media at Experian.

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