Experian to debut Buy Now, Pay Later Bureau

Experian is to debut a buy now, pay later credit bureau this spring, providing US lenders with real-time data on customer spending and loan repayments without impacting credit scores.

Buy Now, Pay Later Is Here To Stay – But Should You Be Joining In? How BNPL Really Works

Buy now, pay later might sound like it’s too good to be true – I can get something now and only pay for part of it – then pay the rest later, interest free?! How does this really work? Well, there is more to it, and some potential dangers to look out for. We’re breaking down the rise of BNPL, the major players, how the companies and stores make money, and what to watch out for as a consumer.

0:00 What’s the history of BNPL?
1:12 Who are the BNPL companies? Who are the users?
2:35 How do the BNPL companies make money?
3:48 How does BNPL work for the stores?
5:03 What’s the risk for consumers?
7:45 Should you use BNPL services?

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Will using ‘buy-now-pay-later’ for purchases hurt my credit?

You can’t make a purchase online these days without being asked to split your payment into four. While convenient, what do these mini loans do to your credit score?

The Credit Bureaus Are Officially Adding BNPL To Your Credit Report!

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How BNPL Will Affect Your CREDIT SCORE In 2022

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