Fakhrul should be tried for writing letters against Bangladesh, says Hasan Mahmud

| Update:
08 February 2022 21:40:54

Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud said on Monday that people who sent letters to foreigners against Bangladesh should be charged.

“I think Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and also the BNP should be put on trial for sending letters to foreigners against the country to stop assistance and use it (aid) as a weapon. The BNP appointed lobbying companies as part of an anti-state conspiracy and propaganda, to create barriers in the country’s export trade and to tarnish the country’s image,” he said. he declares.

The minister added: “But, at first, they (the BNP) denied the allegations and Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, during a press conference, claimed that he had not sent any letter. Later they (BNP) became silent when we presented all documents of letters signed by Mirza Fakhrul and documents of nomination of lobbyists using BNP office address in front of the media.

The minister said these answers to reporters’ questions in his ministry’s meeting room at the Secretariat in the capital, BSS reports.

Hasan said, “They (BNP) have no answer in front of the compatriots when their misdeeds have been exposed. For this, they will try to raise various issues to hide their misdeeds.

He said many developing countries around the world are appointing public relations firms or lobbying firms to boost their image and increase their export trade. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also said that we had appointed public relations firms. Our export trade has increased even during the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Our export trade has increased to $50 billion. We have done all of this like other countries around the world and these are “black and white” government agreements. So there is nothing to raise a question,” he added.

The minister said that legal action will be taken against Mirza Fakhrul and the BNP, and that he (Mirza Fakhrul) will be incompetent in politics and judged if the incidents of writing letters to stop aids occur in any country European.

Responding to another question on the issue of vaccination against COVID-19, the minister said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is doing everything to protect compatriots from coronavirus. Even, many developing countries have failed to do like her as she carries out immunization activities successfully, said Hasan, also deputy general secretary of the Awami League.

He added that floaters, slum dwellers and students of madrasas in Qawmi are also receiving vaccinations.

The minister urged people who have criticized the government on the issue of vaccines to tell the people about the success of the government.

About the research committee, Hasan said that the committee was formed according to the law where all but two members are constitutional dignitaries. Constitutional dignitaries are not from any party or government because the president or government cannot remove them from office and there is a specific process, he added.

Furthermore, he said that the two civil society members are very neutral and respected figures. There is therefore no possibility of making negative statements against the search committee, he added.

The minister said that Mirza Fakhrul had claimed that they would not go to any elections under this government. “But the polls never take place under the government. During the elections, the tasks of all those who participate in the elections are entrusted to the Electoral Commission,” he added.

Hasan said, “The BNP has no faith in the masses. For that, they are trying to blur the situation through an anti-state conspiracy, he added.”

Scott R. Banks