FeedbackFruits has released the upgraded version of its AI-powered academic writing tool to scale feedback from all students

Award-winning Automated Feedback learning technology aims to drive student success with artificial intelligence in higher education

Featured image for FeedbackFruits

Featured image for FeedbackFruits

AMSTERDAM, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FeedbackFruits has released an enhanced version of Automated Feedback, an award-winning AI-powered educational tool designed to scale personalized feedback on academic writing. In its new version, the tool helps higher education institutions around the world to save teachers time and promote student autonomy.

Automated feedback leverages artificial intelligence to improve the quality of students’ written assignments and stimulate deeper learning, while freeing up teachers’ time to provide in-depth feedback. The tool allows students to receive lower-order formative feedback on their academic writing skills in their LMS.

The idea for the tool was conceptualized in 2018, when Erasmus University Information Officer Wilco te Winkel expressed the need for AI in teaching and learning to the FeedbackFruits team. This sparked an “Edtech DoTank” collaboration between Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and FeedbackFruits to develop the tool. The first version of Automated Feedback was launched in 2019 and has been supporting higher education around the world ever since.

The enhanced version offers 27 criteria spread across 6 key elements of academic writing that give teachers the autonomy to optimize their assignments according to their specific needs. Through detailed student analytics, teachers can timely detect weak spots and promote student learning, deepening the learning experience.

Wilco te Winkel highlighted the tool’s ability to facilitate meaningful feedback: “Automated feedback is an important first step in providing students with personalized and timely feedback on academic writing. on a large scale, an important skill that is difficult and expensive to teach.With the help of this software, educational institutions can now afford to allow students to develop this skill earlier in their studies, and more frequently.”

For Joost Verdoorn, Product Manager at FeedbackFruits, the launch marks an exciting chapter in the company’s history of effective pedagogy: “It took us several years and nearly 100,000 annotations, but Automated Feedback is ready to reliably support educators around the world in the development of their students.” The pedagogical collaboration at the heart of this process has enabled our artificial intelligence to center educators, empowering them to be the drivers of educational transformation.”

Since its first iteration, the tool has saved time for more than 150 teachers. With thousands of student reviews received, the tool has retained a quality rating of 4 out of 5. In December 2021, while still in its beta version, the tool became the Silver Winner in the category Artificial Intelligence from the Reimagine Education Awards.

About FeedbackFruits

FeedbackFruits is an Amsterdam-based EdTech scale-up whose mission is to boost student engagement while increasing teacher productivity. The platform encompasses a range of learning activities such as self and peer assessment, online discussion and team learning. The company currently supports over 100 institutions worldwide with over 80 employees.

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