Five ways to get through boring writing homework

All is well, and suddenly you get a writing assignment. Immediately you get this feeling of doom. You know you’ll spend hours, if not days, promising yourself that you’ll start work on your paper in an hour, tomorrow, on the weekend – without actually putting the title of an essay on the paper.

When you finally type your article title, you feel like a hero. But that’s just the title. Still have no idea how to proceed. You start writing the first sentence, then you delete it. And then again. And you repeat the writing and scrapping over and over again until you’re bored to death and decide to take a break. And again, you put your assignment on the long finger.

Coming back to it, the idea of ​​using a few online college homework help is very tempting, because you won’t have to look at the blank page anymore. But you have to check the ordered paper before submitting it, and what if it’s wrong? Won’t it be too late to order a new one or rework the one you have? And again, you panic and cannot concentrate on this tedious task.

But why are you bored with the mission? Is it really that complex and boring, or just can’t concentrate? Boredom is caused by several factors, all of which prevent you from concentrating on your paper. Generally, these factors are:

  • attention deficit;
  • Distraction; and
  • The temptation to do something else.

Attention is a finite resource and it’s quite difficult to stay focused on one thing for long, especially when you have so many distractions like social media. You are constantly tempted to do something else. How many times have you turned on a podcast just to play in the background while writing, then found yourself listening to it instead of doing your homework?

The same goes for social networks. Someone has messaged you and you are replying. Then you decided to take a quick look at your Facebook or Instagram account. And about an hour is spent scrolling through the feed. Every time you distract yourself from the task, it’s harder to get back to it.

But is there a way to reverse this problem? Several methods can help you get through the boring task. Some include avoiding the distraction altogether. Others allow distractions from work from time to time. Let’s check out a few ideas one by one.

1. Get it over with

As many people claim, the easiest and most effective way to complete a tedious writing task is to simply get it over with. Find a quiet, comfortable place, avoid distractions, and find all the materials you need for your essay. Analyze it and start writing. As incredible as it may seem, in an hour or two you will have finished your paper, or at least the first draft.

There is no way to avoid the mission. And no matter how many times you delay it, eventually you will have to finish it. Might as well get over it as soon as it’s assigned. Just avoid all distractions and you’ll finish it in a heartbeat.

2. Take frequent breaks

Another option is to get distracted. You can take a ten or fifteen minute break every half hour. Read everything you need for the assignment and take a fifteen minute break just to digest the material. Then go back to your essay. Write a hundred words and take another break. It takes longer than the first option, but you will complete the task quite quickly.

3. Use an unconventional angle

Who said writing a term paper had to be boring? Yes, you can take it at face value, but you can find something interesting in the mission. By browsing through your article materials, you may find something that will pique your interest. And you build your essay around that.

Just stay open-minded to your task and you’ll find something to get excited about. You can look at the subject from a different angle and find supporting evidence. And, in addition to getting an A grade for your task, you’ll feel satisfied with the job you’ve done.

4. Make it fun

You can always turn your duty into a joke. Let’s say your task is to write an essay on the most effective ways to avoid accidents. But no one is saying you can’t write your essay in the opposite direction. Write about the most effective ways to have an accident. A bit of dark humor but still fun.

Depending on your teacher’s sense of humor, you can even submit an essay like this. But if you have to stick to the original topic, your first draft is fun. And you’ll have no problem giving it the right try. After all, knowing how to get into an accident definitely teaches you how to avoid it.

5. Turn it into a challenge

Instead of thinking that your writing process is boring and time-consuming, why not take it as a primitive game? Turn it into a challenge. Turn it into a speed contest for yourself. Try to write one hundred words in five minutes. Or five hundred words in half an hour. This way you can finish your first draft and the final version in less than two hours.


These five methods are just the tip of an iceberg to brighten up the tedious writing process, but they work. And, whichever one of the above-mentioned variants you choose, remember that you should always start by collecting and analyzing your essay materials.

Scott R. Banks