Focus your attention on short-term rewards to streamline your writing process

Writing is something that many people enjoy. While some focus on it hoping to make a career out of it, others just like to sit back and enjoy the benefits of embracing the creative process.

Whichever camp you’re on, you might also find that you struggle to motivate yourself once you encounter the dreaded writer’s block.

As famous as this issue is, it’s important that you don’t give it the kind of presence and credibility you think it deserves. Writer’s block is more of a mindset than a problem, and it can be overcome by simply doing your best to keep going.

The best way to do this might be to focus on short-term rewards to motivate yourself.


Even if you write for fun, that doesn’t mean you never feel like you’re working.

Therefore, you might find that the best way to reward yourself for reaching a certain goal with your writing is to give yourself a half-hour break during which you can simply engage in an activity that you find fun. This could be playing a game or visiting an online casino like Lucky Nugget Casino, or going for a walk or watching an episode of a TV show.

This process can help you keep writing going no matter what kind of obstacles come your way. Of course, this can lead to variable quality of your work, but that’s not a problem.

The first drafts are never perfect, and that does not prevent coming back later to edit them.

The reward of satisfaction

Accumulation-based activities, such as writing, can help provide certain feelings of rewarding satisfaction after reaching certain milestones. You may have noticed a similar feeling when you’re saving money in your bank account, and some big numbers look like a peak you’ve reached.

It’s something you can translate with your writing; maybe as you approach the ten-page mark, you notice that you start to build momentum, knowing that the peak is just above the horizon.

This is a reward closely tied to the activity, so you might find it helps the whole process feel more satisfying as a result.

Weekend packages

You may find that the time of the week when you have the most time to enjoy your hobby, writing, is the weekend. However, without work to structure your day, you might find that the prospect of writing (something that can often feel like work) pales in comparison to the idea of ​​spending time with friends.

You can do both, you might be glad to know, but formatting your day so that you write in the morning, perhaps aiming to achieve a certain goal before your social projects come to a head, can help. the last part of the day to feel deserved. , and therefore perhaps even more fun.

Scott R. Banks