Greenwashing is a systemic problem at UK banks

Greenwashing has become a 'systemic problem' among UK banks despite universal claims that sustainability is at the heart of their business, a new survey has found.

Greenwashing Kills, Deutsche Bank!

While #DeutscheBank celebrated itself at its annual general meeting, we drew attention to the bank’s true deeds. Directly in front of the headquarters in #Frankfurt: Our official action video-

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What’s Greenwashing, is it bad? How do we identify it?

Greenwashing is all over the place and was right under my nose. I did a small amount of research on a few brands of scrubbies that were said to be ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainable’. This turned out to be false, and a case of greenwashing.

In this video, I explain what greenwashing is and what we can do to fight it.

The story that inspired me to make this video is:

Heating your home with HYDROGEN. A green solution or a greenwashing scam?

Hydrogen is a hot topic in the energy world right now. It certainly looks like it will play a very significant role in the global energy decarbonisation challenge. Gas suppliers and boiler makers are lobbying hard for the use of hydrogen in domestic heating systems. But is that the right road to take?

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UK government hires independent experts to call out ‘greenwashing’ firms

Ever wondered if claims from businesses that they are going green are too good to be true? (Subscribe:

You’re not alone. A new expert body has been tasked by the government to tackle the problem of ‘greenwashing’ by setting out what constitutes a truly environmentally-sustainable investment.

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