How to make money writing

By: Simridhi Makhija

They say the pen is powerful. In modern times, this is true not only because it helps you get your point across, but also because it allows you to make a fortune.

You don’t have to be a blacksmith to make money writing. Regardless of your writing skill level, someone will need your services. There is an endless demand for those who can write. Look around you. From the websites you visit to the billboards you see on your way home from work, there are words written everywhere. Writers who help brands be heard through words get paid. You can be one of them.

Before discovering the 4 ways to start making money by writing, please note that you will need a portfolio. A portfolio is a body of work to show your potential clients. It doesn’t have to be fancy. All you need to do is prepare a few work samples and add them to your documents. A simple Google Drive link containing your documents will work just fine.

Become a freelance content writer

The content is oil in the engine of any brand. For every business, big or small, content plays a very important role. It ensures traffic, brand awareness and engagement. Content, when done right, can drive great results. This is exactly why businesses of all sizes are constantly on the lookout for content writers.

So how can you work as a content writer for businesses? First, you need to choose your form of writing (blogs, articles, website content, etc.). Once you have chosen your writing form and your portfolio is ready, you can offer your services to companies.

At first, you can write as a general content writer. But it is advisable to nest as you grow. This will help you become less replaceable. Renowned editor Gary Halbert wrote in The Boron Letters, “the money is where the passion lies”. You need to choose a niche you are most passionate about and the money will follow.

Become a writer

A copy is any form of writing that sells (a sales letter, brochure, or product description). You don’t need impeccable knowledge of grammar and editing to master writing. All you need is empathy, persuasion, and an understanding of what people want. Famous editor Alex Cattoni’s slogan is “the right phrase pays”. His catchphrase shows the possibility that the right choice of words will make you the jackpot.

Let me explain to you, the quality of a product is not enough to ensure sales. A business must convince buyers to part with their money for a product or service. This is exactly where copywriting comes in. A copywriter understands the pain points of the target audience and shapes the product advertisement based on what will best convince the audience. A copywriter is basically a salesperson but in writing. There is no limit to what you can earn from copywriting. Even if you are able to increase a company’s sales by 2% through your copywriting, you will become indispensable.

Monetize your blogs

Blogging is a great option for anyone looking to establish their personal brand. You can share your personal story on your blog, your ideas about your field of work, your opinion on social issues, or whatever you are most passionate about.

If your blogs are getting a lot of traffic, advertisers will be more than willing to pay you to gain exposure to your audience. But, in the worst case scenario, if you are unable to attract advertisers to your blog, you may refer to your blog as an “open source work” to your potential customers. Companies like Google place a lot of emphasis on “open source work” when recruiting. Your blog can help you write your own post.

Become a ghostwriter

If you can easily pick out other people’s writing styles and tones, ghostwriting is the perfect way for you to make money. A ghostwriter is expected to convey an author’s ideas in the same way the author would. This job profile would require you to work closely with the author to understand their ideas.

Authors, business owners, and academics constantly need ghostwriters. While it’s understandable that becoming a ghostwriter isn’t super easy, with the right exposure and consistency, you can break in. You need to get your hands on the best sources available to understand ghostwriting. Once you are confident in your skills, you can start offering your services.

To conclude, there is infinite scope in these four areas. Your salary increases as your experience increases. The only thing you need to do right off the bat is start somewhere. Choose the niche that interests you and watch your growth.

Scott R. Banks