Karnataka PU-I application process begins; teachers focus on writing skills this new school year

After the SSLC exam results were announced last week, PU colleges across the city are experiencing a large influx of students applying for admission. With I-PUC courses due to begin June 9, colleges will largely focus on bridging courses to help students bridge the learning gap of the past two years. With virtual lessons taking center stage last year due to the lockdown, many students are being deprived of writing skills, teachers observe. As the trade sector was the most sought after in recent years, it seems that science is in demand again.

According to BR Chandrashekharappa, Principal of Surana College, they have received over 300 inquiries for science and over 200 for commerce since they opened the application process two days ago. “We are once again seeing an increase in demand for the scientific component. Since 145 students scored 100%, the cut-off rate for science is 80% and above, and for commerce it is set at 70% and above.

This year we will focus on writing skills and also on communication skills. With the pandemic forcing them to go virtual, students now lack skills in writing and intra-communication with friends. A student who scores 90% now scores 70% when taking online courses and taking offline exams. The first few months will be dedicated to bringing them back from the virtual hangover to the real world,” said Chandrashekharappa, who also adds that hijab will not be allowed and university uniforms are mandatory.

A Padmanabha, Principal of Vijaya Bifurcated PU College, introduced English and English language skills for PU students this year. “We offer complementary courses such as coaching for CET/NEET, general computer knowledge and pointing courses with the actual course. There is also a discount of Rs 16,000 for students who scored 90% and above and a discount of Rs 9,600 for those who scored 80-90% on their SSLC exam. We are witnessing an equal inquiry for science and commerce this year,” Padmanabha said.

While some colleges have set a high cut-off rate, some have maintained the standard cut-off rate. National PU College Principal, CR Sampathkumari, said: “Our cut-off rate will remain the standard at 60%. We started distributing applications just a day ago and we have observed that students are reluctant to take science courses because it is difficult to understand because not all students have a solid scientific background. We will be organizing series of lectures for students where they will have to prepare for a particular topic and present it to the class. We will encourage students to be more active in debates and cultural activities such as theater and music, among others. As we do not have a prescribed uniform, students who are willing to wear hijab can wear it. »

Scott R. Banks