Parents call for immediate release of student arrested for writing ‘anti-national’ poem

About two months after Assam police arrested a 19-year-old student for allegedly writing a “anti-national poemher family appealed on Wednesday for her immediate release on bail, local news channel NKTV reported.

Barshashree Buragohain, was arrested on May 18 and sentenced under the provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Buragohain is a second year Bachelor of Science student at DCB Girls College in Jorhat. She was arrested for a Facebook post published on April 18, which has been deleted.

Wednesday, several social networks users asked his release. Buragohain’s parents have also called for his immediate release citing his exams.

“His final exam is July 16,” said Usha Buragohain, the student’s mother. “You kept her in jail because she wrote a poem. It is totally unfair. Her study life is over and as the exam is from July 16, we require an immediate deposit for my daughter. I know my daughter and she doesn’t have that kind of mindset.

Barshashree Buragohain’s brother Arindam Buragohain said that the poem was not at all provocative.

The police, however, denied that the student had been arrested for writing an anti-national poem.

Assam Police (Law & Order) Special Director General GP Singh tweeted that Barshashree Buragohain was arrested because there was a ‘specific call to wage war against the state’ in his post Facebook.

“When someone publicly professes his support for a banned organization and declares his intention to wage war against the Indian state, we are legally bound to prosecute that person,” Singh tweeted. “Following due process, the indictment must be filed with the competent court. Let the law prevail [course].”

Assam Police Director General Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta told reporters that Buragohain had written that she was going to join the Asom United Liberation Front and was also luring others to join the banned outfit.

In his Facebook post, Buragohain wrote, “Today, having a revolutionary spirit is considered anti-national… if so, I will repeatedly engage in such anti-national activities.

However, she had said nothing about joining the United Front for the Liberation of Asom.

Scott R. Banks