Pete Townshend restarts Quadrophenia writing process for new demos |

Pete Townshend has shared an update on his songwriting activities during lockdown, revealing he’s been busy assembling an all-tape home studio to record new demos.

On Instagram, the Who guitarist shared, “In lockdown I’m writing. But also finishing up a new, small but mighty, old style home studio high up in the house. All my first studios in the years 60 was on the top floor.This studio took me a long time to complete and I’m still waiting to get the central 24 track tape recorder in place.

Earlier this year, Townshend let it be known that he was working on material for the 2019 follow-up. Which during confinement. Now he has unveiled his plans to revive the demo-making workflow he used for The Who’s iconic 1973 double album.

“Why duct tape? Not for the sound,” Townshend explained. “More for the process of recording the layered demos. Quadrophenia. Much of this work would have been much easier with a computer, but perhaps less loose and edgy.

Quadrophenia was the only Who record written entirely by Townshend and was the band’s second rock opera, set in London and Brighton in 1965 and immersed in the mod culture of the time. Townshend’s Instagram post also noted that his new tape studio would use “the same type of equipment” used to record. Quadrophenia.

The full message can be seen below.

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Scott R. Banks