QU organizes a workshop on “Perfection of series of articles and scientific writing”

As part of the activities of the Academic Network for Development Dialogue (ANDD), Qatar University (QU) organized a two-day hybrid workshop in partnership with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (Escwa). In a press release, QU noted that the “Scholarly Writing Series and Advanced Writing Workshop” aimed to encourage a structured dialogue on current challenges in the Arab region. Selected writers participated to present their ideas and propose solutions to achieve sustainability in the region.
The paper series initiative launched by ANDD aims to bring together students, researchers and United Nations staff, under the guidance of experts in the field, to discuss different aspects of this topic. In her speech, Professor Mariam al-Maadeed, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at QU, said: “This program aims to strengthen cooperation between the UN and the academic community, in member universities of the ‘ANDD, which aims to support students and young researchers to produce influential research that contributes to the socio-economic and sustainable development of the region.
“The workshop also gives the younger generation the opportunity to improve the quality of their research, to develop knowledge and research methods, as well as to build their professional identity. In addition to building their self-confidence, improving their ability to make decisions and preparing them for development dialogue. »
Stian Holen, Head of Strategy, Planning, Accountability, Results and Knowledge, said: “This series of articles we are discussing aims to capture the thoughts of a younger generation on what they see as similar in the region. Arabic and how these similarities can advance sustainable development. “We saw a lot of interest. There were 62 initial submissions not only from the Arab region but also beyond. We need mechanisms that systematically allow scholarly work to feed into various development processes to change policies that will, in turn, change lives for the better.
A team from QU Press presented a session called “Reviewer: Master Class in Publishing”, a workshop that included different topics such as writing reviews, finding the right journal, preparing an article for submission, the process peer review and revisions and resubmits. Further sessions on ethical considerations, policy impact reflection and citation management followed, presented by ANDD members.
Subsequently, nine different research papers were discussed and reviewed by different experts from QU, Escwa and other ANDD members.

Scott R. Banks