The Future of Payments 2021

The Road to Successful Digital Transformation.
Every player that operates within the intricate ecosystem of financial services is at a tipping point. The pandemic deeply entrenched the digital agenda, especially for payments, and financial institutions recognise that the effects of Covid-19 are likely to have a permanent impact on the industry.
Tink1 found that 74% of European banks see an incre…

How the future of payment is shaping up

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Future of payments

We predict a future in which the payment process allows you to bring customers and merchants closer, in a single, simple, delightful experience. This video highlights our key predictions for the future of payments including wallets (more feature-rich than today’s implementation), secure CRM models, friction-less payments and benefits for both customers and merchants. For more information please visit

Visa Views: Future of payments

Visa introduces a new platform with a set of beta APIs, specifications and development tools for issuers and issuer processors to begin building and beta testing new ways to pay and be paid. Visa’s Sam Shrauger explains what these experiences might look like. Learn more: