Three-in-four APP fraud cases rejected by banks overturned by Financial Ombudsman

Consumer complaints outfit Which? has accused banks of treating authorised fraud victims unfairly, with some firms getting decisions over scams and reimbursement wrong in nearly nine in 10 cases.

Episode 89: Finding Forensic Badness in 3 Minutes or Less

In this episode, we will use KAPE and Timeline Explorer to identify a rogue process running on a computer. We will do this in real-time, and in less than 3 minutes!

The SANS 3MinMax series with Kevin Ripa is designed around short, three-minute presentations on a variety of topics from within Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and to a lesser degree, Information Security.

About the author:
An investigator at heart, Kevin Ripa bought his first computer as a tool for writing reports for his private investigation agency. As he worked through typical user issues, the “why” of what was going wrong in his machine kept him up at night. So Kevin turned his investigative skills toward his computer and quickly became fascinated by the world inside of it. Now a 25-year veteran of the digital investigations field, Kevin’s enthusiasm has not waned: “IT security and digital forensics still inspire me every day, and I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and get to work!”
Kevin is a SANS Certified instructor and the co-author of the SANS course FOR498: Battlefield Forensics and Data Acquisition. For more information about the course, visit:

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The FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) when to complain and how webinar in partnership with the CII

This is a question for a regulated business to resolve because it is subject to the DISP rules that state effective and transparent procedures for the reasonable and prompt handling of complaints must be established, implemented and maintained.

But are there times when an insurer might automatically treat a matter as a complaint in circumstances where the Insured had simply challenged a decision or wanted to know why the claim was not being paid?

Brokers should be familiar with the complaints rules under DISP and know how to discuss a disputed claim with the insurer in such a way that a sensible negotiation and/or accommodation results. Not every question should be treated as a complaint, and the broker should explain this to the insurer at the outset of any such discussion.

Similarly, insurers should be able to identify those occasions where a broker or insured simply wants to know more about the claims decision and whether there are additional aspects that should be discussed. There are also occasions where something has occurred that is simply not covered by the policy. Rather than automatically taking a question as if it were a complaint, there are times when all that is required is a carefully crafted email or letter that explains the decision in a way that an ordinary Insured will be able to understand.

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Arbitration and Web3 Disputes: Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse and Smart Contracts

The future is already here! Join ICDR Y &I for a program on the current landscape of Web3 disputes and future developments on this field. Our panelists will explain what Web3 is, including its main components (cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, NFTs and the metaverse), and will address what types of disputes can arise and what are the dispute resolution options for resolving them, including litigation, arbitration and decentralized justice systems (“on-chain arbitration”).

Speakers: Elizabeth Chan, Juliette Asso and Bernardo Campos
Moderator: Rodrigo Franco

Financial Ombudsman Service video-clip – ‘My card got stopped abroad’

The Financial Ombudsman Service is a free service set up by law to settle complaints between consumers and businesses providing financial services.

If you have a complaint about your bank, insurance company or finance firm that you’ve not been able to sort out, the ombudsman may be able to help.

This video is about a consumer’s bank card being stopped while abroad and shows how to bring a complaint to the ombudsman service.

Find out more about the ombudsman at or phone 0845 080 1800