Top 5 Sports to Get Rid of Writing Blocks and Improve Creativity

Imagine you are a writer and tired of the daily grind. Dozens of articles and posts every day can drive anyone crazy. In addition, daily stress can cause writing blocks and a lack of creativity. You will surely not be able to generate interesting content, especially if the deadlines do not allow you to relax at least a few hours a day.

But how can you get rid of writing blocks and improve creativity? Well, many people can easily solve such problems. Sports activities can help distract you from your daily routine. In addition, some sports are particularly beneficial for creativity and making important decisions. So here are the five best sports for any writer.


First of all, every writer should try darts because it’s an intellectual sport. The first advantage is that you do not need exceptional physical strength or endurance. The main requirement is accuracy and the desire to hit a certain target sector. By throwing darts directly at the target, you will surely increase your self-esteem. Additionally, fine tuning involves all hemispheres of the brain. As a result, you will be able to improve your creativity and decision-making abilities.

These skills are particularly useful for writers and even for students. Imagine you have a tricky task and you don’t know where to start. First, you should spend at least 30 minutes playing darts. Then you can search math essay examples or other paper samples to start with. As you can see, sports activities are just as beneficial for writers as they are for students.


Most likely, you have seen a pool table at least once in a bar or during sports broadcasts on television. This type of sports game includes dozens of varieties like carom billiards, snooker or billiards. The main benefit of billiards as a sport is the ability to steer your thought process in a new direction. In particular, you have to think about hitting the ball with your tail. What impact force are you using and from what angle will you be aiming?

Do you want to use the edges of the pool table to bounce around or do you plan to hit each ball one at a time? Such entertainment will help you forget about writing blocks and stimulate euphoria after victory. Moreover, playing billiards will help you learn new strategies and improve your creativity.


Sometimes handwriting problems can be solved by physical activity. How about coming to the tennis court and learning at least the basic moves? Even if you can’t become a professional tennis player, even a weekly workout will help clear your mind of writer’s block and creative failure. Try organizing daily practice sessions and see how your creative skills improve. You will surely be able to write more interesting articles if your brain switches to other original activities.


Golf is interesting for those who are tired of routine and feel like a grain of sand at the bottom of the ocean. Join a golf club and watch your first practice session. You will surely see how small a golfer is on a huge golf course. Such a comparison is effective enough to understand that you can change everything. Any 9-hole golf course won’t be a problem for you because consistent practice will improve your accuracy and winning. Such emotions are extremely important for those who want to get rid of writing blocks.


At first glance, fishing does not seem like a good sport for achieving journalistic creativity. But you should look at this sport from a different angle. Imagine getting tired of articles, blogs, and posts. What if your daily life was filled with despair and the desire to escape reality? You should change the situation and try to calm yourself down in such a situation.

Fishing is the perfect way to relax in silence. Walk to the nearest river, lake or ocean. Rent a boat or sit on the beach to go fishing. The number of fish caught doesn’t matter because your goal is to ignore reality. Sitting on the shore in peace, you can relax and reflect on your writing prospects. A little solitude will surely destroy your fears and phobias.

Last words

As you can see, writing blocks and lack of creativity are not a problem for those who play sports. The options above will help you relax and rethink your future goals. As a result, many writers can reset their brains and rediscover creativity and the pursuit of uniqueness. You now have a good idea to stop depression and insecurity about your talents.

Choose any sport you like and you will see a positive result next week. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on equipment or training. There are many sports where only your time and concentration are important. Get started today and enjoy your writing progress.

Scott R. Banks