Want order? Obtain written permission from the Chief of State Police

CHENNAI: Finally, the TN police seem to have found a way to tackle the ever-enduring problem with order. Tamil Nadu Police Force Chief, DGP C Sylendra Babu has now instructed all Unit Chiefs not to deploy their personnel for other duties (read in order) without getting a written order from his office .

Whenever a unit chief receives a request from officers for a medic, they will now need to obtain approval from the state police chief.

“You are instructed not to delegate any police personnel from your unit on the basis of an OD for any task without a written order from the Chief of Police,” the DGP said in his memo sent to all officers. of TN Police, noting Madras High Court. had recently ordered that the ordained system be abolished entirely within four months.

So far, state police over the past two weeks have picked up 430 officers who worked as orderlies for officers and returned them to their home units.

According to the HC order, the Minister of Home Affairs, State DGP, Chennai Commissioner of Police and ADC Welfare are supposed to ensure that the practice of ordered positions is eradicated entirely under a 1979 order.

The Minister of the Interior and the DGP are required to immediately remove the orderlies if they are delegated to the residence of retired civil servants, as this constitutes an illegality and a violation of the law. And in the event of a complaint of violation of this provision, the Minister of the Interior and the DGP are obliged to carry out an investigation and take the appropriate measures under the rule of discipline and appeal.

The court also ordered to identify the illegal occupation of the premises of the official police and to initiate all the steps of eviction under the provisions of the statute and the rules in force.

Scott R. Banks